Re: Meade 16" f10 on 1100GTO?

Jeff B

Honestly, I'd say that OTA is pushing it a bit.  It's about 3' long and it's center of mass sits out there quite a bit from the saddle due to its diameter.  I'm sure it can "handle" it, but how well ?, a good question.  It might be a tad bouncy both to touch and the wind but, like Bryan said, don't overhang the CW's even if it means adding another one and I'd suggest slowing the slew rates down to 600x.


On Sat, Jan 16, 2021 at 7:00 PM Worsel via <> wrote:
One suggestion: Don't scrimp on counterweights and put them all high up on the shaft, i.e. close to the mount.


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