Re: Sky Safari - iphone - GTO

Allen Ruckle

 I was happy to see the iOS version of Sky Safari has been updated to include commands for my A-P Mach2.  I did not have time to try it out on Thursday night Jan 14 but I read everything I could find about the commands added to Sky Safari 6.8.  I like the way Sky Safari immediately places the location indicator at the NCP position  on connection.   I exercised the mount slewing 8 or 10 objects, (Stars & Planets). I searched the menus for the park commands or functions but did not find them.  I tried out the new tilt to move feature and at first it appears to not working.  I soon discovered I was not tilting the phone far enough to activate the move action.  It appears to also do dual axis moves.  because I did not see any way to park the mount I tried to see of I could search on "North Celestial Pole",  no joy.  When I chose to end the session by selecting "Disconnect", a menu came up with the new park options shown above.      

Good Job Sky Safari!

however . . . . . . . . . I have one question.    How do I synchronize Sky Safari to a star after an initial goto from the park position, without causing the Mach2 mount to loose its calibration.   In my first use of Sky Safari when I first received my Mach2, I did a slew to Altair using SkySafari, after that the mount had acted as if it had a re-cal with Altair instead of the NCP, and I needed to email Roland who helped me re establish the telescope to the "Home Location". ( Thank You Roland ).


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