Re: Sky Safari - iphone - GTO

Christopher Erickson


Wouldn't "Park at current position" and "Disconnect without parking" be exactly the same thing with an AP CP2/3/4/5 controller?

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On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 9:31 AM Paolo Nicosia <paolotto@...> wrote:
Confirmed: I just tried it and you can park and unpark to Park 3, 4, or "Current Position".  It all appears to work, though my test was during the daytime, so I can't speak for accuracy (but I doubt there would be an issue).

I've been hoping for this for years, as I've never gotten used to the user interface in Stellarium or  CDC.  SkySafari is so much easier to use for alignment after setup and for deciding on targets, but the Park 4 limitation was always a hassle. 

Thanks a lot for coordinating this with Simulation Curriculum, Marj.

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