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Christopher Erickson



I can FINALLY start recommending Sky Safari to people again. It only took YEARS for them to get this fixed.

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On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 8:37 AM Howard Hedlund <howard@...> wrote:
The latest release of Sky Safari adds some great new features, and it fixes a couple problems for AP GTO mount users
For the Mach2GTO:
  • Sky Safari now recognizes the Mach2 and accommodates its true encoder design.
  • Start up with the Mach2 is now handled correctly.  The mount does not need to be placed in any particular position.  The Mach2 will now initialize already knowing where it is pointing.  Mach2 users won't even see any sort of start-up menu.  Simply click Connect, and the Sky Safari screen will show the correct pointing position.
  • "Find Home" has been added to the disconnect menu in case you accidentally use Align (Sky Safari's name for ReCal or Sync) on the wrong object and get lost.
For ALL other AP GTO mounts:
  • Starting from Park 4 is no longer required. 
  • Park 3 has been added.  Park 3 can be used both at start-up and at shut down.
  • Resume from Current Position has been added to the startup menu.
PLEASE NOTE:  The southern hemisphere has a bug in the Park 3 position.  If you are in the southern hemisphere, please do NOT use Park 3 yet.  Sky Safari is aware of the problem and is fixing it.

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