Re: Through the mount USB3.0 on Mach2 trouble unrelated to temp

Don Anderson

Interesting product! I currently use a 65' active usb2 extension cable to connect the Pegasus USB3 hub on my mount to my computer inside my house. Works flawlessly in the summer and fall. I like the lower temp spec (0 C) on the Cosemi fiber optic cable.
Thanks for the tip!

Don Anderson

On Thursday, January 14, 2021, 01:14:05 p.m. MST, deonb <deonb@...> wrote:

Just want to add another option that may or may not work for some people:

I'm using a fiber optic USB A-male to USB A-male cable from NUC -> Through-Mount -> Ultimate Powerbox 2 (5m length). No other connections or amplifiers, just the cable.

This one specifically.

You need devices on both sides that can power the laser diodes, so it can't run to something like an unpowered hub. However, it seems to be fine running to the USB-B port of an Ultimate Powerbox.

On the NUC side only one of the USB ports had enough power to power the lasers, so it was a bit trial-and-error to get to work at first. But once it started working, it's been solid since (a few weeks, for whatever that is worth).

It's a pretty rigid cable. I'd recommend it for observatories but not portable use.

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