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>>> To still be using SGP over NINA only means you've never given NINA a shot. 

i appreciated your comments until this part - you're wrong on this. 

I've tried NINA and used it for a while and i don't care for it. There are a lot of ways it works that i don't like. 

I'm not a fanboy of SGP, but for me it's definitely the best out there right now, and I have many other software apps i use: ACP, TSX, NINA, etc.

My software preference is always evolving, so i'm sure i will give it a try again in the future, along with voyager, 


On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 9:31 AM Ron Kramer <ronkramer1957@...> wrote:

Price is moot. Like me the people switching had bought and paid for SGP.  I will say "SGP worked" for me for 2 years. I didn't like it. But it worked. I tried others that didn't work so well and I was driven back to SGP again and again.  Until I found NINA.  I have already donated more in payment than I paid for SGP.  And I will donate much more over time.  It is that good. 

While SGP may work.  It lacks the features and open-minded devs that NINA has.  Things as simple as a dark skin, or debayered sub preview are basics in NINA and were down right refused by SGP devs.  Now with the alpha release of the new Sequencer in NINA... it's all over.   I can tell NINA to wait for my target to pop up over my tree tops and shoot subs until it peeks behind my other treetops.   Or at 11pm slew to my next target and shoot it until nautical dawn or the target drops behind my tree line or house. (if it was ever in the way).

If you are satisfied with SGP because it works.  You're depriving yourself of greatness.  Though some may ride a bike vs a Ferrari to work - because well...  it also works. 

To still be using SGP over NINA only means you've never given NINA a shot. 


Brian Valente

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