Re: Guiding on my plate again - NEED TO IMPROVE

Ron Kramer

Not getting anywhere. I may have to work on my SGP install again = (

skyview loads - but won't solve - it wants SGP no other options under the plate solve tab which I can use. I with my stand alone ASTAP install would be supported.

Clicking  SKIP PLATE SOLVES (for Testing) does not and  errors at the missing solver. 

I need this, I typically can not trace unguided for over a minute without elongated stars.  Sadly only about 3 minutes with guiding before elongated stars.

I have improved guiding a LITTLE from the advice of a group member but not where it should be.  So ordered a new guide scope as mine is junk... I will do some major hardware layout changes and see if I can reduce the ridiculous 72lbs of counter weight on my lowly mach1 and see if I can get back to  .30 total RMS error like that of a  couple years ago. 


My APPM version is  from 2019  is that the latest available? 

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