Re: Through the mount USB3.0 on Mach2 trouble unrelated to temp

Terri Zittritsch

Michael, you're right, I did not watch the video initially, but I just watched it and it didn't tell me a lot more than what you shared above.   I didn't notice any mention of an active repeater cable in the video.   The active repeater I have will not only allow a 15' length of USB3 from my computer to the active repeater head, it also drives 15' in the mount direction (which is longer than run-of-the-mill USB3 (which doesn't really have a length spec, but generally accepted length of 3M is what people go by).    It worked for me.  My opinion remains the same, that your cabling inside the mount has some signal loss issues.   The talk of industrial hubs (expensive) doesn't really mean they do anything electrically better than your computer or a cheap hub.  I remember when I initially raised the USB3 issue, I was told to go buy XYZ 'industrial' hub, and when I looked at the electrical specifications, they were no better than my $20 hub.   Now I didn't scour the market for something better, but these small hub companies aren't building custom silicon to do the job, they're using the same silicon that every other hub maker is standard products.    

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On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 01:16 PM, Micheal Fields Jr wrote:
HI Terri,

Not sure if you just skimmed my post and didn't watch the video but I went through all of that in my testing point for point.  There should be two contact points in the Mach2.  One at the base of the mount and one up near the saddle plate.  Roland says the length of that cable is about 18 inches.   I bought a 3 foot female/female cable to duplicate the mount cable but on the outside.  This cable also has two contact points.   Simply swapping that "pretend" internal cable solves the problem completely.  I also have a computer that sits currently on the eyepiece tray of my tripod and has a short cable going to the mount.   I also tried to put a powered industrial USB hub between that computer and the mount just in case the USB port on the PC was weak.  Made no difference.  Then at the saddle I have a 3 foot cable going to the hub which is another industrial powered 4  port hub.  
There is no getting around it.  The internal cable has something wrong.  Not wrong enough that some devices won't work but wrong enough that when reaching to a higher point it can't remain reliable. If I had found that it must be flaky drivers for the camera or under powered hubs etc, then that is one thing but if I just swap the cable and it works as it should then it is not signal loss related to what I am doing.  Give my video a look if you have time.
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