Re: At What Temp Do I Need 15V For My AP 1100 Mount?


Hi Kent,

Here is another app ( that I find useful when designing cables as it shows you the amount of voltage and power loss associated with various cable gauges based upon length, voltage at source, and current. Because you are concerned with maintaining a high voltage at the mount this app will highlight the amount of voltage drop associated with the length of cable, the gauge, and the current of the cable you will be using to connect your battery to the mount. The thicker the gauge the less voltage drop. That is why I use high quality, thin strand, 10 gauge pure copper wire to connect my battery to the mount. Not a huge difference, but every little bit helps.

One note, this app does not calculate losses due to the termination techniques used. You could Google the connectors or get a good meter and measure them if you were interested. Once again, typically not a big issue unless poorly terminated.

One last note, I use an inline power meter to monitor voltage, current, power of my batteries. At first, I would pay attention to the meter but after a while I discovered I was always in the sweet spot of the power draw on the battery and was typically at 13.2 or higher volts for most of the evening, night and paid less attention to the meter.


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