Re: Through the mount USB3.0 on Mach2 trouble unrelated to temp

Dale Ghent

Adding to the confusion, not all cables are the same although they might be outwardly identical.

A notable example are the more consumer-oriented cables which tend to be thinner, primarily for aesthetic and flexibility reasons, but also for cost. Internally, these cables have smaller separation between pairs and use smaller gauge conductors in their construction. This invites issues such as alien crosstalk or even impedance mismatches as the signal travels across different conductor types, gauges, and through connectors that have different qualities.

The golden rule with any data-carrying cable is use only as much as you need and to minimize excess length. Avoiding potential sources of interference is also recommended, such as runs close to and certainly parallel with AC power wiring and nearby 2.4GHz and other ISM band equipment.

Good reading on that latter subject is here:

Cable quality is important so always choose well-designed and well-constructed cables where it matters and where data rates will truly be at high rates.


On Jan 13, 2021, at 15:13, Dominique <> wrote:

On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 12:51 PM, Liam Plybon wrote:
o make your setup work, you need to either:

• Get shorter cables between the camera, mount and computer
• Use an active cable between the computer and mount
• Use a powered, USB hub at the base or top of the mount along with shorter cables.
Otherwise, your setup will keep giving you these errors. I promise that this error is not caused by a mechanical issue in the cable, because if there was any kind of problem you wouldn't have been able to recognize the device in the first place. USB 3.0 is too finicky to work on damaged cables.
Thanks Liam,
This explains why it works rather for me.
the Pegasus V2 powerbox at the top of mount and a powered USB3 Hub at the base connected to an active extension cable.

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