Re: Through the mount USB3.0 on Mach2 trouble unrelated to temp

Terri Zittritsch

Michael, I dealt with this, being one of the first Mach2 users, and evidently the first one to try usb3.   The issue is likely all of the signal loss due to the number of connectors between your computer and hub, especially including those inside of the mount.     I identified the initial USB3 issue (turned out to be crossed USB3 wiring) and had to send the mount back for rewiring. Given I'm an EE in the custom semiconductor business, I have some peripheral knowledge of the limitations of USB3, so it makes sense to me.   
This was solved with an active repeater cable (it was for me) and I tested all kinds of cable lengths and ultimately I was limited to a 3' cable between the mount and my computer plus 1' cable between dec axis output and hub for reliable operation (which isn't acceptable for me).   I now have a 15' repeater cable with a small 8" cable from the repeater head (which is female) to the mount (male-male usb3 cable).    Then I use a short cable on the DEC head USB port to my cheapo hub.   My cheapo hub works fine to 0F and doesn't miss a beat.  While some vendors specify all kinds of industrial specifications for various expensive hubs, they likely have the same silicon inside of them.  They may have some better environmental sealing so if that gives some peace of mind, which is ok if you need it.   My hub is so cheap I've just purchased a spare and bring it when traveling.    So this works for me and I use several ZWO cameras, although I have a new 60MP camera that I've not tested yet.  But it works for an ASI071, ASI290, ASI1600MM.    I also confirmed that none of this had anything to do with the hub itself, because the same results could be had when bypassing the hub entirely as well as bypassing the mount pass through.    


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