Re: [ap-ug] Mach2 shipments with low temp encoders

Roland Christen

We do have some standard temp and we are assembling them. Yours is on the list to go out in January.


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Hi Karen,  can you tell us the current status of the NON-low temp
encoder Mach2's that were expected in December or January?
- Shane

On 1/11/2021 6:56 PM, Karen Christen wrote:
> He means Mach2s, folks. 😉  We’re not making Mach1s.
> Karen
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> Just a reminder for those who are waiting for Mach1 mounts and have
> Renishaw low temp encoders ordered, the delivery of the encoders has
> been affected by Covid shutdown. We are anticipating delivery some
> time in February, so it won't be an interminable wait. We did contact
> everyone on the list but may have either missed someone, or it ended
> up in their spam file. Please be patient, we are working as fast as
> possible to get these mounts out.
> Rolando
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