Re: [ap-ug] Mach2 shipments with low temp encoders

Khushrow Machhi

Patiently waiting for my Mach2. I loved my 1100GTO when I first got it in 2014, upgraded to the encoders last fall and love it even more. So, I can’t wait to get my Mach2, hope the low temp encoders come in soon...


On Jan 11, 2021, at 5:53 PM, Karen Christen <karen@...> wrote:

He means Mach2s, folks.  😉  We’re not making Mach1s.




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Subject: [ap-ug] Mach2 shipments with low temp encoders


Just a reminder for those who are waiting for Mach1 mounts and have Renishaw low temp encoders ordered, the delivery of the encoders has been affected by Covid shutdown. We are anticipating delivery some time in February, so it won't be an interminable wait. We did contact everyone on the list but may have either missed someone, or it ended up in their spam file. Please be patient, we are working as fast as possible to get these mounts out.



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