At What Temp Do I Need 15V For My AP 1100 Mount?


In the winter, I often observe in below freezing temperatures.  So my 1st battery was one from Kendrick where I could use 15v instead of 12v.  15v was recommended in the AP 1100 manual.


I am looking at getting a new battery.  I could just replace the Kendrick battery but am considering the LiFePO4 batteries that so many people like. 


If I buy the LiFePO4 battery, I assume I can no longer use 15v.  Can I successfully use 12v in 20 degree F temperatures?  I don’t usually observe much below that.  I prefer not to slow down the slewing speed.  Or is there a way to use 15V with the LiFePO4 battery?

Thanks, Kent



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