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On the topic of through mount USB3 and USB2. 

USB 2.0 will work just fine, for a number of reasons. Most notably, there is far less communication actually happening between device and host, at a far lower speed, with far less 'protocol' communication. With most devices on the market, this is all you will ever need, and I could not make it fail in testing. 

USB 3.0 is more tricky. As Roland mentioned in the thread, signal will bounce off of interfaces at the frequencies of USB 3.0, echoing in the line. The best way to deal with this is to ensure the least number of interfaces and shortest wire path between powered USB 3.0 ports. In the Mach 2 manual, we make some suggestions for USB 3.0 configurations that I have tested and can confirm to work perfectly. They all come down to having some kind of booster or powered hub right at the connector at the base of the mount, and a powered hub at the top of the mount. The internal cable is very high quality, but no amount of quality can prevent interface reflections. 

An easy way to test your USB 3.0 setup is to get a USB 3.0 hard drive, and set it at the top of the mount. You can then use a USB speed tester program to see what quality of data transfer you get. I used USB Flash Benchmark with very good results. If the test fails, or Windows has a hard time detecting the hard drive, it means that the cables are too noisy to do proper communications and you need to reduce the cable length/connector interfaces between powered USB ports. 

Liam Plybon

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>>>....when we had live bands at my bar. 

Howard, you buried the lead here, interesting to know this about you :)

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We have had pretty good results with the DeoxIT line of products for contact cleaning and moisture protection.  I first saw DeoxIT D5 many years ago when we had live bands at my bar.  The band roadies swore by the stuff.
The D5 is a great general purpose contact cleaner, and they have several products that create barriers to condensation.  I'm not current on their latest and greatest, but you might want to give their products a look-see.


Brian Valente

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