Re: APCC Pro version update

Greg McCall

On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 07:11 AM, Ray Gralak wrote:
Which again implies that something is blocking APCC on your computer. There's no difference in APCC's code between your computer and others that work.
While I agree something is blocking APCC's code and no difference between APCC on each computer (assuming the same version), APCC must be doing something different to other applications because it behaves differently on the same computer that has applications that access some version data.

The question is what difference and how were those applications able to be installed or access some OS code to enable them to reach some external site without an issue?
(or do other applications also have issues?)

I also have other apps that can get version data on two computers that all work except on one of my computers, APCC doesn't work.

I wonder what the difference is and how to get around it as I set up both computers and keep them both updated to the same level although they are both different brands of computer and thus, have underlying differences in the OS configuration. When I get some more time I'll try and poke around more but not being a programmer and using tools like wireshark way too many years ago, I'm not liking my chances in working it out soon.

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