Parking Issue

Steve Reilly

This is a recurring problem that I’ve often blamed on ACP but am rethinking this as the screen shot shows ACP attempting to park, the ASCOM driver says it’s parking, and APCC says it is parked. I’m guessing that ACP gets the information from the ASCOM driver so yes, it actually isn’t parked. This is a rare problem but when it happens, once long enough to have let rain fall on the equipment, it causes real problems. The mount must be parked before my roof can close so using a direct close on moisture reading can’t work. I had hoped to find a solution but I don’t see this now. The screen capture shows the roof closed only because I closed it using the close command in AstroMC and the mount was already in the Park 4 position and had been since 0623. The last image had downloaded at 0531 and the shutdown script was executed at 0623 if I remember correctly. It was a brief notification from Windows 10 but those were cleared after reading. Not sure if any record is made of those. ACP doesn’t have a shutdown record as it seems that is made after it completes which it didn’t. If there is a log somewhere else to backup this event I’m unaware. Maybe APCC can pinpoint the time as it seems to show the mount parked?


Anyway the issue remains, the roof was wide opened, scope was in the Park 4 position, my inline Microswitches wired in series were both closed (continuity signal to the relay) proving a safe position for the roof to close, the roof was manually directed to close in AstroMC which it did successfully, and yet ACP still shows the mount as “Parking” as does the ASCOM driver but not APCC. The difference is that ASCOM and APCC show the mount at the parked position whereas ACP shows what I assume is the position it was prior to being commanded to park. So the question is, where is the log jam and who is responsible for the stall? How can I prevent this?


I hopefully will have Good Night System fully configured today but that only notifies me via smart phone of these failures if  I set it up correctly and I have cell signal. It doesn’t correct anything. The system is still in this “Parking” phase and I’ll leave it like that hoping that Bob Denny or other person has some idea to tracing the problem. I can stop this and power everything off and start from scratch with a startup script run but that only puts me back at square 1 and doesn’t identify the problem. Is it a communication issue where a request is sent and waits forever and if so why can’t there be a reasonable time restriction before another request is sent or other action is taken?


Wide open to ideas/suggestions.



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