AP1600 autoguiding gone bad

Greg Bradley

I have a usually reliable AP1600 mount.
It is slewing fine but autoguiding suddenly went wild a little while ago.
So normally I get very small guide errors .2 to .6 arc sec
guide errors. They suddenly went to 15-20.
I couldn’t get it to callibrate either using relays.

I switched to pulse guiding and I could callibrate.

But guiding is still wild. I tried various settings
for the guiding.

I pulled apart the electronics box and inside it looks lile

I noticed in the driver you can set the guide rate and it was set at 1 so I reduced that to .5 and I can set it lower. I will disconnect the hand controller
tonight in case that is having an effect.

Any suggestions?

I am using SkyX, ascom mount and the AP driver. Its an AP cp3 electronics.

I am able to do plate solving, polar alignment using TPoint so go to’s are working.



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