Re: Very frustrated with my model. Errors seem very large. #Mach2GTO #Polar_Alignment

Micheal Fields Jr

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 01:59 PM, Peter Nagy wrote:
I find SharpCap Pro much easier to use than PoleMaster software. It doesn't matter whether PoleMaster is orthogonal or not as long as you can see the stars surrounding Polaris. SharpCap Pro uses true plate solving unlike PoleMaster software. SharpCap Pro is not free and it's an annual subscription that costs only 10 euro and it's worth it.

Hi Peter. 

I actually own a license of Sharpcap. The reason I wasn't using it is because of the field of view of my OTA and the full frame QHY600 camera that was taking forever to download images.  It would not plate solve at all.  However, the idea I want to try is to plug in the PoleMaster camera into the mount as it was made to do but instead of using QHY's software I instead load up Sharpcap and see how that goes.

Good news is I resolved the issue I was having.  Was, as Ray said, related to the ASCOM driver.  I did have 6.5 SP1 but there must have been something wonky because when I did a full uninstall and removed traces from the registry and then a new install along with a new install of the AP Ascom Driver it suddenly worked great.

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