Re: Very frustrated with my model. Errors seem very large. #Mach2GTO #Polar_Alignment

Micheal Fields Jr

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 06:28 AM, Peter Bresler wrote:
I had a HD1100 which I unloaded because of limited back focus. My first advice would be to use a guide scope and Sharpcap Pro to polar align the mount. Polemax is a waste of money. My polar alignment on my 1200 is right on, and easily checked and corrected. You can use an OAG on the HD1100 without either a focuser OR an EFW. SGP will give highly accurate gotos and centering. Be sure the scale settings and pixel settings for the camera you are using are correct.
Back focus issues are an issue for sure.  That is why I am focusing with the primary mirror.   Seems to be fine in that respect.  I have zero interest in getting a guide scope simply to do a polar align. That is why I bought PoleMaster.  Polemax I actually don't know what that is but I was super tired last night(see my post time) and wasn't thinking clearly enough to remember the correct name.  PoleMaster is pretty straight forward and works a lot like Sharpcap.  In fact I think I might be able to use SharpCap with the PoleMaster camera?  Not sure but that would be fun to try.  Regardless  there will be some error because the PoleMaster is connected to the RA axis of the mount at the pivot point and the telescope will naturally have, unless shimmed, some orthogonality errors.  A pointing model will detect those.   And yes, pixel scale and all that is correct.  I did  a plate solve and entered in the pixel scale and position angle of the camera both in SGP and in TSX.

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