Re: Very frustrated with my model. Errors seem very large. #Mach2GTO #Polar_Alignment

Micheal Fields Jr

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 06:27 AM, Seb@stro wrote:
Hello Michael,

Have you checked that the time zones and DST settings are correct (i.e. all the same or all set to UTC) in your PC clock, softwares, mount/keypad ?

I have the software choose to update time from PC as "recommended".
I personally don’t use SGP, SkyX, MGBox nor APPC (yet) so can’t really help specifically about those but my general recommendation regarding time settings of whatever systems would be to use only ONE source be it a NTP server (internet), gps, precision oscillator (local clock), etc. for all the components that need to interact together. Because two time sources (no matter how accurate they are) will always have some drift to one another to some degree.

So assuming your time settings are harmonized (TZ, DST or UTC) maybe try setting only the internet time source for everything (if that’s possible) so you can rule-out that possibility.

Might seems obvious but if you haven’t already also make sure that the gps is correctly reporting time to your softwares to rule out any communication or configuration (message format) issue and assess it has acquired enough satellites of sufficient signal strength for the duration of the modelling run.

Hope that helps.

Clear skies!
Yes, this is what I was thinking.  If the GPS or Time is very far off that would explain it.  The solve point and the assumed point would be dramatically different and result in a big error.  But unless I am simply overlooking something obvious, I don't see evidence of that.  I will for sure double check.

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