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Dale Ghent

Oh, of course another option is to just ask Prime Luce if they can just make the cable for you. Filippo is very nice to talk with and will likely understand this need.


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On Jan 7, 2021, at 10:21, wrote:

I would like to use the new Eagle 4 with my Mach 2's thru mount cabling. I will be using all AC power, so I have the Eagle's AC power adapter.

I have Primaluce's Eagle power connector with the Anderson power pole connections, which will connect the Mach 2's output to the Eagle.
However, I cannot find the appropriate adapter which would connect from the AC converter out (which would have the Eagle 'in' connection) to the Anderson power pole connections to the Mach2's input.

Has anyone done this? I cannot even find on Primaluce's site the description of their power pinout
Prima Luce does sell the individual power connectors, so you can make your own power pole cable with an Eagle-style power connector on one end. I believe you would need this one:

If you do not have the power pole cable crimpers or anything, you can buy a pre-made power pole cable with one end bare, and add the above connector to it:


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