Re: Windows 10? (Was: Lost communications with mount)

Joe Zeglinski

    We are probably off “Telescope Topic”  on Win-10 causing serious unexpected problems, to be solved  with just a fresh re-install – but ... Sorry, that’s not quite likely in many cases.
     A fresh install of Win-10 won’t solve all of one’s app & driver problems. The 6 month Win-10 Major Feature updates can be costly, and not just “inconvenient”.
For example, I have a multi-language “Printed text document to Word” (OCR) converter,   that cost me more than $700 in Win-XP and Win-7,  which still worked great in Win-8 and Win-10 -  right upto a bad day in June 2020, Then the calamitous Feature Update #2004, got installed – because, as usual,  I trusted Microsoft to not do much harm. Suddenly, with no warning or expectation, the (rarely used) app would not launch when I needed it, and it would have then cost me another $700 to replace it with the latest Win-10 “new company’s, sanctioned” version. The old one ran perfect for years,  in Win-10, upto just a week before. So, what changed ?
    Luckily, I had an old (e.g. ACRONIS)  full system backup from LAST Christmas, in my bookshelf archives, along with the most recent one, which had the now problematic Win-10 base.
The solution was to re-install that FAR out-dated year-old backup, but then transfer my own entire “current” User Account into the old O/S base. This gave me an old  Win-10 Fall Update #2019 version base O/S,  merged with  a current day account with ALL user folders and emails, etc. intact. Then I did another (safety) temporary backup, before I risked seeing what trouble installing the latest Feature Update from this past Fall, ( #20H2 ), might cause. Otherwise, I was prepared to freeze my Win-10 system for a decade or more.
    Having some spare time in retirement, after about 3 man-weeks  of 16 hour days trying every test & trick I could think of, and half a dozen Full system Recoveries to get the system and the app working, back to its previous normal state, I was ecstatic to find that after installing the most recent Win-10 Update #20H2, the app was back to normal and STILL worked again ! The sandwich of the year-old Update merged with the very latest one – completely skipping over the terrible Update #2004 – fixed it ... FINALLY.
    So, as I stated earlier, a simple fresh install of Win-10 won’t always fix everything, You may not even find out until much later which apps were suddenly harmed,  and may still  cost you hundreds of dollars loss in personal Time & investment, unless you recheck the continuing health of all your old investments in your purchased software apps.
     Must say – I was “DARNED Lucky”, THIS time. Unfortunately, Microsoft will continue to feel that it is improving everyone’s lives,  so keep doing and indeed keeping  as many full system emergency backups as will fit on a drive, as insurance.
    And Bill L. , before you complain (again)  ... this is NOT knocking your Microsoft friends, good people most of them – just the way in which I assume their departments  force them into “Publish or Perish”  to issue Feature Updates, ready or not. Can’t miss a 6-month deadline, can we? I do appreciate the new polite  MS option, asking if I  would really like to TRY the latest Feature Update.
    Far fewer major Feature Updates, much longer better tested Beta periods,  could be better. Except for serious Security Updates, maybe keep, the “Toys, Gaming, and new GUI Features” in a completely  different Microsoft ...  “special” Win-10-Gaming Edition product ...  away from “real WORK machines” that don’t usually need them.
If it ain’t badly broke, etc.  .... but that’s unlikely to happen.
    Now back to things, Telescopic.
Joe Z.

From: jrpmsn
Sent: Wednesday, January 6, 2021 10:11 PM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Windows 10? (Was: Lost communications with mount)
It's the biannual updates to Win10 that are the big ones: they bring the functional and significant look-and-feel updates. The monthly ones generally are driver updates and fixes which are generally much smaller. Win10 tests the PC to see if it can handle the biannual one and only bugs you when and if it can. If the PC can take it, you still can defer the update for quite a while - though it does show up as available. If you have funky or old hardware with drivers not written (to Microsoft (evolving?) standards, updates can potentially be more problematic.

I upgraded to Win 10 from Win 7 (which I still run as a virtual machine) on my Dell as an upgrade. I ended up blowing away the whole install because of the mess the upgrade made. I freshly installed Win 10 and life became much better. Moral: If you're running Win 7, you're on an older machine. Keep it around as a spare (spares are gold!). Buy a new one with Win 10 installed (if you're happy with your Win 7 hardware, you won't need a top-end replacement PC since even a current midrange PC will be more powerful than your Win 7 PC). Then there's no disruption: you are functional on Win 7 until you have Win10 fully configured to your standards. Plus you have a fallback machine.

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