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Steve Reilly

I stand corrected, my attention to it was by means of an email related to the AAG cloud sensor which I do use. Also here’s the link to this Dragonfly . I can say I’ve had excellent support from them and they are very responsive.




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Sent: Wednesday, January 6, 2021 9:29 AM
Subject: [ap-gto] Dragonfly Device


While reading a post by a fellow AP’er I saw a discussion about a product called Dragonfly and was instantly intrigued about what I was reading and it’s capabilities. Having had a few mishaps with my AP1200 in my roll off roof observatory due to weather and the roof this product seems to have a great deal of resolve in operational safety. Is anyone here using the Dragonfly made by Lunático Astronomía, S.L. makers of the AAG Cloud sensor?


My biggest issue was trying to find a means to park the mount if/when the mount lost communications with the observatory computer as my mount needs to park in the Park 4 position before the roof can close. I do the confirmed park position via a continuity signal sent to the roof controller (AstroMC) via the two Microswitches (one on each axis) which are closed when the mount is parked at Park 4. Worst case scenario would be the observatory computer looses power/locks up/electrical issue/plain no longer works. It seems that the Dragonfly can send a park command to the mount and it also can control the roof. Seems I may have stumbled on a solution already available.


I’m communicating my needs and hopes with Lunático Astronomía, S.L. and it sounds promising so I wanted to see if any of you already use this product with your observatories.



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