Re: 1100 mount production


I routinely travel with my 1100GTO mount.  Attaching or removing the dec axis takes less than a minute and the resulting individual components are lightweight and easy to pack. It's all the other stuff that's a pain, like the pier, counterweights, ota, rings, dovetails, and observing/imaging accessories.  The 1100 provides you extra headroom for larger instruments, or a very solid platform for imaging with smaller scopes.   I turned down my Mach2 notification as I could not justify it and the cost for the array of telescopes that I use.  The 1100 is highly versatile in that regard.  Not having encoders in my 1100 never entered into the purchase equation.  

Good luck and clear sky. 

- jg

On Tue, Jan 5, 2021 at 8:25 AM <skester@...> wrote:
I've been on the fence between the Mach2 and the 1100 and have a few questions.  For the next few years I will be using the mount to shoot from a dark site about an hour from home, with an eventual plan to move to a darker area and have a permanent setup.  So currently I have to pack, setup and tear down each imaging session.  I will be guiding since I can't take the time too perfect PA each night, so while encoders would be nice I don't think they gain me much currently.  The Mach2 seems more suited as a 'travel' mount, but the 1100 is only a few lbs heavier and splits.  The intended OTA is a PW CDK12.5, which is towards the upper end of the Mach2 capacity but still in the 'green'.  The 1100 would provide some room for future growth, though I don't currently plan to go beyond the CDK 12.5.

So my question boils down to how much more effort is set up/tear down of an 1100 vs. a Mach2?  Does anyone here routinely travel with an 1100GTO, or is that a crazy idea?  Thanks

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