Re: East Slewing Doesn't Work on AP1100

Roland Christen

It wouldn't be a motor stall if the N-S and W buttons work. It's definitely a situation where an errant sync or recal has placed the axis hour angle underneath the mount.


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The somewhat mysterious and mostly undocumented meridian safety limits in the CP4 firmware will turn the CP4 light amber, but so will a motor stall, low power situation, a motor cable problem, a motor relative encoder problem or a CP4 I/O problem.
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I am still only guessing on the CP4 firmware but I had my mount sent to George in July, 2018 and if I recall correctly he updated the firmware.  Version VCP4-P01-11, 12/19/17 is the latest before July, 2018.  I know I have never updated it since then.

Roland Christen

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