Re: East Slewing Doesn't Work on AP1100

Roland Christen

You have managed to drive your mount into the East limit. Set your keypad to Autostart NO. Send your mount to Park1. Then power off, loosen the clutches and manually move the mount to Park5. Turn power back on, select New Setup and then select park position 5.

You should be ok to resume operation and can check by sending the mount to any of the 5 park positions. once that works ok, you should be able to slew anywhere in the sky.


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I am getting ready for some observing tonight.  I decided to try a Go To on Mars.  No movement at all.  Tried some other objects.  Go To does not work.  Still only the N, S, and W buttons work but East does not. No sound at all.  Thanks!

Roland Christen

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