East Slewing Doesn't Work on AP1100




I have an AP 1100 mount.  Everything was working fine last night until I did a Go To.  I thought my mount was lost and that I accidentally synced on something.  I tried syncing on a known object making sure the weight shaft was not pointing up.  Slewing still did not work correctly.  I put it in Park 3 and manually corrected the scope so it was exactly in the Park 3 position.  Then I played with the arrows.  I had a hard stop in one direction but I forget which.  I had to bring the scope all the way around for it to work (on the Dec. axis). 


Then still in Park 3, I tried the arrow buttons again and all of them work except for the East direction.  There is no sound at all.  I am not sure the above Go To problems I had are related.  I tried again this morning with a freshly charged battery and the East still does not move.  All other directions work.  I checked the cable connections and all seem fine.  What else do I need to check? 


Thanks very much, Kent

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