Re: Windows 10? (Was: Lost communications with mount)


One thing you can try is downloading updates to a thumb drive when you have access to internet that isn't metered, and installing them to your computer when you want to do updating. This would allow you to keep your computer current, while having the automatic updates disabled and preventing the dreaded mid-run update. 


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That's a real shame. I really don't like software vendors assuming everyone has unlimited Internet speed and data. I live in a rural Virginia county, and get Internet via a 4G cell tower. We don't stream anything, and can't join a Zoom call because of the limited speed and data. But I have fairly dark skies. :-)
Microsoft for so many years have been the brunt of jokes about Windows being insecure that they'll rather loose users than not have them update regularly. I can't say I blame them.

However, in your case, definitely use Pro - it helps a lot, Home will give you no control. Set all your connections to metered, and disable updates in Group Policy.

And maybe <ducks> ... Starlink.

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