Re: Voyager and APCC

Emilio J. Robau, P.E.

I use APCC pro.

I don't leave my 3D view on.  I have launched it from time to time to understand that it disconnects from Voyager and causes a problem when it is launched even before I start to slew and am doing nothing else but have the equipment connected.  I don't necessarily want to leave it on all the time.   I just want to be able to launch it from time to time, especially when I do slews of interest.

I don't think Voyager gives you any opportunity to recover and close the 3D view.  If that is an option, that is preferred for sure, and I am going to check it, but the functionality of being able to see the 3d view in APCC pro is desirable any time I want to access it. 

I discussed the issue with Leonardo via an email and he pointed me to Ray.  The issue is a known issue. He indicated that I needed to open a ticket with APCC.

I am glad you don't experience it.   My computer resources are excellent.  I am not doing anything in the background but imaging, so I really doubt it is a resource issue, but I may be incorrect.  

In fact, this issue has arisen on two different machines and the current machine that runs the setup is a relatively strong machine and is a brand new.  I can't remember the card, but I have 16 GB on the motherboard and am running Win 10 with the latest service packs.

In order to eliminate any issues, I am migrating to the latest issuance of ASCOM, unless someone chimes in and says not to at this point in time.

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