Re: Voyager and APCC

R Botero

Hi (what's your name?)

I am a user of Voyager and APCC also.  I don't leave the 3D view on (I have an IPCam in my RoR shed in case I want to check where the mount/scope are) but I don't encounter the issue you have.  What graphic card and RAM do you have on your PC?   The reported disconnection of the mount by Voyager happens when the latter cannot poll the mount as often as required.  This usually happens when your software environment doesn't have enough resources.  I get this sometimes when I am running image processing software (PixInsight) at the same time as all my imaging applications - not recommended!  Voyager eventually recovers as (memory) resources become available.  You could check this by closing the 3D view when you see the error message in the Monitor tab of Voyager.

Ray will confirm if any of the above if of use in your case. 

As for ASCOM, I use the latest version of the platform (6.5 SP1) and have no issues with APCC.  There were some problems for APCC-Pro users, not of APCC, but those have supposedly been resolved with SP1.

Good luck!


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