Voyager and APCC

Emilio J. Robau, P.E.


I run Voyager on my computer to run my scopes, cameras, mount and so on and so forth.   Whenever I launch the three dimensional view of my scope in APCC to see the scope and mount in operation, the mount gets disconnected from Voyager and it is a pain to get reconnected.  I have to shut everything down and then start up again.  I posted this issue with the developer and he indicated that it was on the APCC side of the equation and to post a ticket.   Not looking to blame everyone, but I am looking to see if somehow this can be resolved since it is a known issue.  Voyager really is a spectacular piece of software and it would be good to be able to toggle to APCC to see where the scope is from time to time.  This is especially true when doing those weight side up slews so you can see the crash in action when it actually happens.  Gives you a second or two to actually fret or even chicken out and stop it.  I would rather see it happen then not.  It is like if you are going to have an accident, you might as well see it coming.  If you are going to have a heart attack you might as well fell the angina first, because you may be able to get a triple bypass to delay it for some time.  You know what I mean?

Another quick question.  I notice that APCC recommends not installing the latest version of ASCOM.  Is there any reason for this?  I am pretty sure that a thread exists out there so if you can send me in that direction I appreciate the lead.

Finally, thanks to Ray for providing a license for Pempro Version 3 after I had to rebuild my computer after the last tropical storm here in S. Florida rained on it in my observatory.  Funny thing is that it survived a direct hit from cat 3 or 4 Irma, but a weak tropical storm did it in. 

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