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HELLO, yes those Silver Metallic Sharpie's work great on dark colored surfaces. Like you said it will take a couple coats to see well. And if you need to change the name I have used lacquer thinner on a rag to clean the old text off. Then I'll use a fan to help dry the cloth surface and get rid of the lacquer smell.

So glad to hear the tree didn't destroy the mount inside your SKB case. That is truly amazing!


On 1/3/2021 11:34 PM, John A. Sillasen wrote:
I also purchased the BUBM series of soft sided cases from Amazon after Tony's (Harley Davidson- aka starastronomer on YouTube) review video. What came to be hard was labeling the cases as there's no name tag sleeve anywhere. One reviewer suggests the clear top version and a label maker for that one.

My wife solved my problem with the black BUBM cases, Sharpie's Silver Metallic Permanent marker.  It shows up well - especially after a second coat after the first completely dried.  Photo attached so you can see the results. 

I picked up two packs of these 3 packs. Two for Keypads (1100 & Mach 1), one for CP4 for 1100, the CP4 for the Mach 1 stays on the Eagle Pier all the time so I don't need it for that.  I use the other 2 small ones for cable sets.  One complete CABPP6 & the other for a 12v cable for CP4. The spare middle one holds USB, Ethernet and Straight Thru Serial cable. 

All Silver Metallic Sharpie labeled accordingly. 

As for the Rigid cases. As someone who's Telescope Shed was destroyed by a felled tree, my one Rigid case that used to hold a spare Feathertouch focuser for scopes to swap as needed. And a few other things in the past.

It was completely destroyed. 

I'm the guy who ordered the huge SKB case from for the 1100 with 16" DOVELM162,  the CP4-GTO, Keypad & Counterweight shaft.  It had its handle snapped off and one corner bent with the side case snap bent out of shape.  That corner held the CP4 and it tests and upgrades well.

I don't wish to replace the exact SKB case but man is it tough. I'll go with a smaller case that holds only  the 1100 with a  DOVEDV10 but without the CP4,  shaft or Keypad. Sure the Rigid cases are built well but they are not SKB or Pelican quality. That monster case is a two person carry to lift into a van.  

John A. Sillasen

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