Re: Lost communications with mount


Hi Ray,

This is the link to the zipped APCC log:

I had updated the timeout and crosshair update rate according to your suggestions.  Nothing changed.
The disconnection persists.

Regarding ASCOM driver, I do find that the mount continues to track after the disconnection message
from TheSky.  This is based on the observation of the location of the RA park marks.  It continues to
move (very slowly, of course).  However, I can identify two click sounds in my last trial.  The first one
comes a few seconds before the TheSky error message.  So I believe it signals the parking.  Then after
a while, perhaps half minute, a second click sound shows up (without my clicking off the TheSky 
warning window and without any attempts to reconnect in TheSky).  I believe this signals unparking
and the start of tracking.  Then quite many minutes later, I saw that the RA park marks have moved a bit.
So, I think what happened is that the mount parked itself for about half minutes.  Although it started to
track again, this short period of parking is enough to interrupt the imaging or observations.  This is 
found when the mount was connected via USB.

I found another interesting thing when I connected to Mach2 with wifi. Perhaps because of the slower
response of wifi, sometimes TheSky doesn't show an error message at all, even though the mount had
parked and re-unparked.  Maybe it is too fast from park to unpark, TheSky did not have time to 
realize the disconnection under wifi.




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