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Roland Christen

On the CP5 controllers I would advise against putting them inside a cloth bag. The CP3 and CP4 are ok because they do not produce very much current for the two servo motors under normal tracking conditions. The CP5 sends full current to both stepper servos all the time, even when they are not moving, so the drivers are at full power and produce more heat. The case dissipates the heat to the surrounding air just fine, but if they are inside a cloth bag, they will not have any air circulation.

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With the mounting bracket, you only have to losen two thumb screws and tip the unit forward to remove it, and the opposite to install it into the bracket. It’s quite quick to do and doesn’t require any tools. The thumb screws are similar to if not the same as the ones which secure the sliding access panels on your Mach1. 


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Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded from a CP3 to a CP4 for my Mach1. The only thing I miss about the CP3 is the neat hanging case, which made it easy to "grab and go" and allowed me to hang the controller from a knob at the base of the mount. Unfortunately, the CP4 is too large to fit in the CP3 case. I know there's a mounting bracket option, but I like being able to quickly disconnect the control box and take it inside when I'm finished imaging.

There are a lot of clever folks in this group, so I was wondering if anyone has come up with a similar hanging pouch/bag solution for the CP4?


Patrick Spencer

Roland Christen

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