Mach2 #Mach2GTO


Yesterday I wanted to use the Mach2 for some observations. 

I connected the GTOCP5 to an Ethernet hub and fired up SkySafari Pro6 on my Mac. I configured the telescope as “Astro-Physics GTO”, entered the IP address of the GTOCP5 and tried to connect. Unfortunately this did not work. 

I remembered reading somewhere that in some cases SkySafari can not initialize the mount properly so I fired up APCC on a PC, set the connection to TCP/IP, entered the IP address of the mount and connected. I then used the AE tab to “Find Home”, checked that the mount was unparked and tracking was sidereal. All looked good.

I tried to connect with SkySafari Pro6 again but no success. I then tried to connect with my iPhone and Luminos but also without success. I then configured  the GTOCP5 to access my Wifi and tried again. No success. 
Then I did a port scan of the mount GTOCP5 but only the ports 23 and 80 were open. Do I miss some configuration option?

This used to work flawlessly with the GTOCP4. 

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