Re: safe way to load the OTA on the MACH2

Joe Zeglinski

    On the subject of OTA safety ... I would strongly suggest you be certain to have a wide head bolt, wider than the D-plate center groove – such as a 1/4-20 camera equipment lock nut – screwed UNDER the D-Plate.
    It would be personally embarrassing,  or even dangerous for the OTA,  if it weren’t secured tightly enough in the saddle, and it suddenly slid down, right off the saddle to the ground as the mount slewed to an upward position. At least that “safety-stop bolt” would have the D-Plate slam a short distance into the end of the saddle, rather than completely off to the ground.
    I wonder how many of us don’t have that safety-stop, or know that there should be one there.
Joe Z.

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