Re: Continued: (Field curvature with Flatteners and compressors)

Terri Zittritsch

Hi Roland, I have the standard TEC140ED,  just like your own.   Can I assume the same as above?  I have both of your grenades, the reducer and flattener.   Can I assume same spacing for both?   In the past I think your spec said 99.1 for the tec140 so I think you’re now saying that it’s 98.55 for a full frame (42mm given 43.55 is a full frame).    Since I use the dedicated TEC 18.3 spacer along with an ordered precise parts spacer, I think I can order your 16.x mm spacer (for another scope) and then some 1mm rings to adjust.   Before I do this I want to try it out first to see where I sit.  But as you can understand, I don’t have a lot of 68mm tubes and spacers lying around like I do for T-ring size.   It could make this whole adjustment process a bit expensive.    
Also, you mention a 51mm image circle.   I have a full frame sensor which is around 43mm (widest point), so do I use the 42mm or 51mm set point?   My simplistic view is that I’d use the 42 since it’s only a 1/2mm per corner vignette.   But maybe I’m looking at this too simply and you’re telling us about the 51mm image circle because we need 51mm to get a fully illuminated 36 film frame.  I’m a bit unclear on the message here.   Sorry, a bit dense.

On the 92TCC, for the Stowaway, I see it talks about a 40mm image circle, which is a little smaller than full frame (43 and change).. which I’m not overly worried about unless I’m looking at this wrong.   Originally I wasn’t concerned but now wondering if I’m looking at this correctly and need to hear from you.

Sincere thanks for your and Marj’s support this year.  

Best wishes for you and your family in the new year..   Let’s hope for a better one!


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