Re: Windows 10? (Was: Lost communications with mount)


imo there is no easy answer for Windows 10 upgrade

If it were me, i would not try to upgrade but rather start with a fresh install or better yet a new computer with windows 10 already installed

Most of the headaches i've had over the years related to the upgrade process rather than actual Windows 10 capabilities.

Regarding updates and internet access, imo it seems an unfortunate situation that constantly updated software and OS is where we are headed, which has both good and bad consequences.

Personally I keep everything updated as much as possible and I have not run into many major issues (none that I can recall in recent memory, and i run 2-3 remote telescope setups).  

On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 10:20 AM Mike Dodd <mike@...> wrote:
On 12/30/2020 10:23 PM, deonb wrote:
>Windows 7 on parallels. By now
> it's an 11 year old operating system that got obsoleted 8 years ago, and
> stopped getting security updates a year ago.

> As a developer myself....

You probably know quite a bit about Windows 10 Professional. I still use
Win 7 Pro on my observatory computer, and am well-aware of the issues
you mentioned. I would like to use Win 10, but....

I have metered Internet data, and when I bought a Win 10 Pro PC for my
home office a few years ago, its automatic upgrades burned through 8 GB
of my 10 GB monthly quota in one day! After three phone calls with
Microsoft Support (they DID call me back, usually within an hour), I was
told there was no way to bring the updates completely under my control,
so I rolled-back to Win 8.1 on that PC.

QUESTION: Has Microsoft upgraded Win 10 Pro to allow full user control
over updates? I've heard rumors they have. I want to be able to choose
when an update is downloaded, so I can do that when we're not close to
our data limit. I can't have the OS assume I have unlimited Internet data.

QUESTION: I've heard horror stories about updates that result in
application and driver crashes. Are these issues pretty-much a thing of
the past, or do updates still cause problems?

Thank you for your information and comments about the current Windows 10

--- Mike


Brian Valente

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