Windows 10? (Was: Lost communications with mount)

Mike Dodd

On 12/30/2020 10:23 PM, deonb wrote:
Windows 7 on parallels. By now
it's an 11 year old operating system that got obsoleted 8 years ago, and
stopped getting security updates a year ago.
As a developer myself....
You probably know quite a bit about Windows 10 Professional. I still use Win 7 Pro on my observatory computer, and am well-aware of the issues you mentioned. I would like to use Win 10, but....

I have metered Internet data, and when I bought a Win 10 Pro PC for my home office a few years ago, its automatic upgrades burned through 8 GB of my 10 GB monthly quota in one day! After three phone calls with Microsoft Support (they DID call me back, usually within an hour), I was told there was no way to bring the updates completely under my control, so I rolled-back to Win 8.1 on that PC.

QUESTION: Has Microsoft upgraded Win 10 Pro to allow full user control over updates? I've heard rumors they have. I want to be able to choose when an update is downloaded, so I can do that when we're not close to our data limit. I can't have the OS assume I have unlimited Internet data.

QUESTION: I've heard horror stories about updates that result in application and driver crashes. Are these issues pretty-much a thing of the past, or do updates still cause problems?

Thank you for your information and comments about the current Windows 10 Professional.

--- Mike

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