Re: safe way to load the OTA on the MACH2

Roland Christen

I always put the rings on the mount, open them and then place the scope into the rings. This is done in Park2 position. I can load my 155 and 160EDF refractors that way by myself, and I'm not a strong man weight lifter.

I would NEVER load any refractor with the dovetail and rings attached to the scope. It's asking for disaster.


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Subject: [ap-gto] safe way to load the OTA on the MACH2

I am not new to the hobby but my current OTA makes the set up phase not easy at all.

the diameter is 270mm and weight around 19 kg, and I don't feel confident in loading the telescope by myself on the mount.
I wonder if someone has perfectioned a style for the move. :-)
I use the AP DoveDV10 saddle plate, open the lockers, put the bar flat and on the left, close the lockers.
I load the scope in PARK3 position.
previously I used to slide the telescope from behind ( a TEC 140) but now this seems impossible.

I know it sounds like a joke but I don't like to be dependent on other people for the task.
if you know a trick , please share it.
Thank you

Roland Christen

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