Re: safe way to load the OTA on the MACH2

W Hilmo

Was it this one, by chance?



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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] safe way to load the OTA on the MACH2


I saw a video once where a large OTA was mounted by putting the OTA vertical on a tall chair next to the mount, and then bringing the DEC axis to a vertical position to mate with the OTA.   


I cannot find the video, but it goes something like this:


1) A chair (or table, or custom stand) is positioned next to the mount directly east or west… it will require some alignment that will become clear in a moment. 


2) The OTA , with lens cap on, is placed on the chair / stand etc pointing down.  Eg if the OTA is a SCT then the visual back is sticking up.   Likely a strap should be used to prevent the OTA from falling.  


3) The OTA is positioned so the dovetail is facing the mount.  


4) The mount RA axis is positioned horizontal with the DEC axis dovetail on the side where the OTA is now positioned. 

At this point I think you don’t want any counterweight. 


5) The DEC axis is then rotated vertical to match up with the OTA dovetail.  


6) At this point some alignment, ie moving the chair/table will likely be required…. Once aligned with the saddle, the dovetail saddle can then be clamped, and counterweights added, OTA strap removed, and chair/stand removed.  

I have not tried this approach.  I also have a rather heavy OTA - 300mm diameter and weighs about 18kg.   This OTA has a handle on the back such that I can use one hand under on the dovetail and the other hand on the handle to lift the OTA to just above my shoulders and slide the dovetail in.

Getting the OTA off in the dark is also a bit scary.     It is borderline weigh for me, and I would prefer a different approach — possibly one with less “drama”.




On Dec 31, 2020, at 8:04 AM, Andrea Lucchetti <andlucchett@...> wrote:

I am not new to the hobby but my current OTA makes the set up phase not easy at all.

the diameter is 270mm and weight around 19 kg, and I don't feel confident in loading the telescope by myself on the mount.
I wonder if someone has perfectioned a style for the move. :-)
I use the AP DoveDV10 saddle plate, open the lockers, put the bar flat and on the left, close the lockers.
I load the scope in PARK3 position.
previously I used to slide the telescope from behind ( a TEC 140) but now this seems impossible.

I know it sounds like a joke but I don't like to be dependent on other people for the task.
if you know a trick , please share it.
Thank you

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