Re: Lost communications with mount


Hi Roland,

My "portable" includes carrying/bringing any whwere between 30 and 200 kg of equipments to fly to a different island/continent/hemisphere.  The computer I carry does not only control the telescope+cameras, but also does on-the-fly raw-decoding, and off-line image processing and stacking, to spot potential problems and correct them immediately.  (I don't do this when I image in my home country, as correcting any problems in the next new moon run is not a big deal.  However, for oversea trips, who knows when will be the next time?  So I want to find and correct problems immediately.)  So the computer has to be at least powerful enough to do simply calibration and stacking in PI for gauging the final image quality (to decide if more integration is needed). If it is a 200 kg class trip, then a second computer or even a third is easily justifiable.  But if it is a 30 kg class trip, a computer that does everything is more reasonable, even if that means 0.5 kg heavier for the computer.

On the other hand, for portable stargazing, I do want to make things as simple as possible.  I plan to use my iPhone to control Mach2.  So I am waiting for the new version of SkySafari to correct the parking/initialization issues.




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