Re: Lost communications with mount

Mike Dodd

On 12/30/2020 8:12 PM, Roland Christen via wrote:
In my case if I am out for a short portable imaging session with the
Mach2, I use only SkyX to connect directly to the mount thru the ASCOM
driver. Nothing else, no keypad or other paraphernalia. My work flow is

1) turn power on the mount ON
2) connect my laptop with USB connector.
3) open SkyX, bring up the sky map and click on the object of interest
and press Slew.

SkyX does everything else automatically. It automatically establishes
the connection, un-parks the mount, starts the tracking and slews to the
object. I didn't have to do any of that manually, SkyX does it all for
me. The mount simply slews to where I ask it to, and if my polar
alignment is any good at all, the object appears in my first image.

Even though my telescope is pier-mounted in an observatory, and I use ACP for almost all of my imaging, I often use SkyX exactly this way before starting my ACP plan, to slew to a star for preliminary focusing or to grab a quick image of something.

Last weekend I used SkyX to slew to the Moon, then used FireCapture to image it. I used the arrow buttons on the ASCOM driver GUI to frame the Moon on the camera sensor. When done, I used SkyX to park the scope.

I disconnected my keypad six months ago, and moved to a box in the basement.

--- Mike

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