Re: Changing polar alignment...Ground shifting?


Dan, those same downward forces can be had by just building the pier below ground larger than above ground. You don't need to build a cantilever at the bottom:

It also seemed logical to me that you'd want the majority of the weight of the pier + scope below the frost line. I built it wider to achieve that, but you can build it just deeper as well.

As far as disturbed soil, we have fairly loamish soil here and I've done a 10 ft backfill 3 years ago in an area, compacting and wetting it often. I can still easily shovel multiple feet down into it years later. Right next to it is undisturbed soil that I can't dig into more than 6 inches without using a pickaxe. It seems obvious to me which soil I wanted around the pier. I know not everybody has the luxury of undisturbed soil, but if you do, it seems a shame not to put it to good use.

If you're concerned about ice grabbing onto rough edges, you can always pour concrete into undisturbed soil at the bottom, and then start the smooth sonotube just below the frost line.

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