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If you are using a Mac, then you are not connecting to ASCOM (ASCOM is Windows only).    You are using Sky native drivers.






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I am doing table-top testing of our Mach2 (before we can put it on a proper tripod).  I use TheSky6 in a Windows 7 virtual machine on my Mac.  GTOCPS5 is connected to the computer with a short USB2.0 cable and converted to USB-C to the Mac.  Under TheSky6, I connect to Mach2 with ASCOM V2 Driver.  The ASCOM driver sometimes connects to Mach2 by itself, sometimes through a virtual port under APCC Pro.  Either way, the behavior doesn't change.  Using different cables doesn't solve the problem either.

What I do is just do a very small slew near north pole under TheSky, and let the mount track.  Almost always, within just a few minutes, TheSky shows an error message saying "Lost communications with mount."  At almost the same time, the mount makes a very tiny sound, which sounds like it parks itself.  I suppose this is not something I want to see during a real observation/imaging session.

This is my first time using an Astro-Physics mount.  So I may have done something wrong.  Please let me know what I can do to solve this, or what I can provide for diagnosis.





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