Connecting to ASCOM generates new ASCOM window. #ASCOM_V2_Driver

Micheal Fields Jr

I was using the most recent release of APCC Pro and the same thing was happening.  I updated to .11 today and the same thing remains.

Not sure if there is a new ASCOM V2 driver but I'll go look.

Anyways, I connect to the mount via ASCOM and it pops up the ASCOM window for each connection.
N.I.N.A generates one, PHD2 guiding generates another.  

Not 100% sure what I am doing wrong but I am sure it is just a setting somewhere.   What am I doing wrong?

Ok I deleted all virtual com ports and removed the traces and then unchecked auto start and auto config.  This seems to be working fine now.  Only one ascom interface popped up.

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