Re: Changing polar alignment...Ground shifting?

Woody Schlom



There are places where the ground swells and shrinks over the year depending on moisture content and/or freezing.


Freezing ground with lots of moisture in it causes swelling.  I think it’s called frost swell – or something like that.


Another ground condition that causes seasonal rising and falling is a high clay content.  Apparently clay swells when it’s wet and shrinks when it dries.


Huston, TX is famous for seasonal ground rising and falling due to moisture content.  I understand the ground in Huston can rise and then fall at least a FOOT depending on moisture content.  And this goes for buildings, parking lots, and single-dwelling houses.  And weight means nothing.  If the ground wants to swell and rise – 100,000 lbs. of concrete is nothing.


And here in Southern California we have earth quakes – which moves the ground up, down, and even sideways.  After a really big quake, some of the guys in my club with permanent piers have to re-adjust P.A.


So there are several possible causes of PA changing.


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