Re: Mach2GTO Anderson Powerpole passthrough current rating #Mach2GTO

Dale Ghent

Erm. I have to ask, based on your questions, just what is it that you have in mind?

Any typical single- or dual-imager setup riding on top of the mount should not pull anything near 15A @ 12V DC continuous *at all*, and one shouldn't even entertain the thought of running AC through an ungrounded cable harness that also runs parallel to the USB and, for some appreciable length, the encoder data cables. PowerPole 30/45 connectors *can* carry AC current just as well as DC, but the overall wiring harness has to be designed for AC, which means including proper grounding conductors and all. The Mach2's harness is clearly intended for low voltage DC. You could very likely do 24V DC, but why? You would still need a DC-DC transformer riding on top of your mount to step it down to 12V because that's what any astrogear you would have that wired into would be designed to consume.

For reference, my QHY600 and 2x dew straps pull 3.5A in the winter and bounces around in the upper 4's in the summer. The other powered things that consume top-of-mount power, such as my guide cam and mostly-idle focuser motor take next to nothing and nothing, respectively. So I'd say for the typical single main camera imaging setup, your concerns should not go beyond 60-80W of power, and if it does, a fuse ought to be blowing somewhere.

On Dec 28, 2020, at 22:02, deonb <deonb@...> wrote:

How much current can I draw through the Anderson Powerpole passthrough on the Mach2GTO?

Or alternatively, what is the AWG & length of the internal wiring, and are the Powerpole connectors 15, 30 or 45 amp rated?

Second, are those wires pure passthrough without any connection (even just ground) to the mount's internal wiring? For example, is there a technical reason that it can't be used for 5V? Or 24V? Or 12V A/C ?

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