Re: Meridian Flip Feature Yet?


Ray Palmer says - Ray Gralak and Rolando, I appreciate all your feedback so far, but it has become evident that many AP owners do NOT have access to a simple pier flip feature like so many manufacturers offer as a stock standard feature with their mounts.

Ray Gralak says - First, as Roland pointed out, there is a way to do the pier flip from the hand controller.

Ray (Palmer) says - that's great news then. I'm using a 1600GTO with a GTOCP3 using the latest software 4.19.3. How do I do a simple pier flip please? What is the keypad path? I tried using +- and pressing 9, as per Rolando's instructions, but it doesn't do anything.
Ray Gralak says 
I don't know, as I hardly use the keypad.
Ray Palmer says - I do not really use the keypad either my friend. But Rolando has now indicated that my setup using the GTOCP3 cannot perform the keypad pier flip.

Roland Christen says - Your CP3 does not have the software commands for flips and a lot of other new commands.

Ray Palmer says - So it is evident that there is NO simple dedicated pier flip command for many AstroPhysics mount owners. That has now been clearly established. Only playing with the meridian delay or performing other measures such as writing a script can I do what many other mount manufacturers offer seamlessly. This is a gaping hole in AP's firmware and software that desperately needs to be plugged. 

Ray Gralak Says - BTW, APCC has a meridian limits explorer tool to map out the slew limits at every declination and pier side. Once mapped out, APCC automatically allows pier flips within the meridian limits. Note that the concept of "meridian limits" is not the same as the mount's "meridian delay".

Ray Palmer says - Yes, I have seen that feature and I appreciate you are trying to assist me, I really do, but I've said so many times in this thread, my reason for needing to pier flip has nothing to do with the meridian's position. So the meridian explorer tool to map out slew limits does absolutely nothing for me. I keep saying in this thread that pier flipping is required for so many other reasons than just the meridian's position. Because AP mounts can track so far across the meridian everyone seems to be think there is no possible other requirement for pier flipping. The meridian is only 10 percent of the reasons why people need to pier flip. If anyone thinks that pier flipping is only for the meridian, then I would invite them to visit my observatory and see what an astronomer does over a few nights.

The idea that pier flipping is meridian based is strongly misguided.
Ray Gralak says - A pier flip in any mount results in multiple operations. In the case of an AP mount, the meridian delay is just one of the two commands needed to do a pier flip:

1. Set meridian delay.
2. Slew to current RA/Dec.

Setting the meridian delay sets the destination pier side.

Ray Palmer says - Why do we even need to trick the mount at all, when so many other mount manufacturers offer a simple pier flip command as stock standard functionality? AP owners shouldn't even have to think about meridian delays, what side of the mount are we tricking etc, it should just be a single pier flip button and she flips instantly, should not even have to make another Goto command. This is what most, if not all other manufacturers offer, why can't AP? 

What does "Pier side" mean please?

Ray Gralak says - APCC has a button to do a pier flip, but a simple script can be made to perform the pier flip without APCC. The script could be placed on the desktop and double-clicked when needed. I can't help you with the AP keypad operations, but I can create a (free) script for you that will flip the mount if you are interested?

Ray Palmer says - I would be interested in this script my friend and thanks for the offer for support. I use TheSkyX to control my dome and mount. Would that script interfere with TheSkyX? Meaning would I have to start disconnecting and reconnecting from TheSkyX to do a simple pier flip function? 

The observation here is, that having to write a script to perform what other manufacturers offer as default functionality in their mounts is clunky and not seamless. Even though your offer to write a script is very kind, you and other AP owners shouldn't have to resort to writing scripts when most if not all other manufacturers offer pier flipping as a stock standard simple button-press feature . 

I think the easiest solution will be to spend more money on more software to run (I run about 5 programs during an imaging run already, and running another is the last thing I wanted to do). Before I spend money on APCC, does APCC offer single touch pier flip commands for a 1600GTO with a GTOCP3 using the latest software 4.19.3? Thank you in advance.

Thanks again for your time gentlemen, and it is evident that many AP owners cannot have access to a simple pier flip command like most other manufacturers offer (unless we spend more money on APCC). 



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